Hayward S180T Pool Filter Sand System

Pool filter sand systems are among the most effective water filtration systems out there. Today’s filters allow you to efficiently and quickly filter your pool water and are energy efficient as well. Most of today’s pool filters use sand and are minimal care, even as they undergo heavy filtering jobs. The Hayward Pro S180T pool filtration system is all of that and more, allowing you to be as flexible and as customized as you want with your settings, while giving you the same great results.

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Hayward S180T Pool Filter Sand Pump Features and Specifications:

  • High performance, top mount sand filter – great for above ground pools, small in-ground pools, and aquariums.
  • Durable, corrosion proof tank in color-fast material makes it long lasting and all weather
  • Seven position Vari-Flo valve with the following settings: Filter, Waste, Winter, Closed, Backwash, Recirculation, Rinse
  • Large pressure pool filter sand and water drain for rapid winterizing or servicing
  • Flange clamp design allows 360-degree rotation for easy installation
  • Integral top diffuser ensures even distribution of water over the entire sand bed for maximum use of the filtration area
Hayward S180T Pool Filter Sand System Reviews:

Just like almost all of the Hayward Pro series models, this pool filter sand system combines the high durability of a Hayward make with efficient, crystal clear results. The Hayward S180T produces perfectly filtered water by evenly distributing the water over the  pool filter sand in equal, large surface areas. As the water passes through the sand, it is filtered by the particles and the water comes out clean, particle free and crystal free. Plus, 30 degree lateral slots ensure that thorough backwashing is achieved.

The good news about the Hayward S180T is that even with its high powered filtering pool filter sand system, it is still energy efficient and allows you to cut costs significantly – considering that these machines will be running for hours at a time. This is because as it is high powered, it helps maximize the filtration of water running through the pool filter sand, leading to less running time for your filter. Most of the reviews on the internet from consumers have shared satisfaction and delight in the fact that they can run their pool pump for fewer hours yet still get the same great results with this pool filter sand system.

Another great feature of the Hayward S180T aside from its pool filter sand is that it comes with a variety of settings, filter sizes, and accessories to help you customize your pool filter with sand into what is best suited for your pool system. The 7-way valve helps you by simply adjusting the position to the setting of your choice.

The Hayward S180T is guaranteed to be made of all weather, color fast, polymeric material which is designed to be tough and made to withstand high pressure and power. You can be assured that you will be trouble free as this pool filter sand system requires little care and will really last you a lifetime.

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